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Yoodle's book clubs are a fantastic tool for schools. They encourage students to read, discuss and share thoughts with peers, boosting their understanding and critical thinking skills.

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Our YETI Level (Yoodle Effective Text Index) maps readers to books while monitoring their progress. Yoodle's progress tracker empowers teachers to monitor students' reading habits, including time spent, books read, enabling personalised guidance.

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Why teachers use Yoodle

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Increases student engagement with books and reading

Motivates young

readers to explore and excel

Interactive and community based learning

Students love Yoodle

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Yoodle is the coolest reading app

ever! The book clubs bring together book lovers like me, and the annotation feature lets my creativity run wild.

Woman Smiling

- Aarushi

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Solid Star

I love how Yoodle lets me annotate my favorite books. It's like adding my own secret messages and making the stories even more special.

Pretty Indian young teen female high school student, smiling

- Ayesha

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Solid Star

I discovered Yoodle and it's amazing!

I can read awesome books, join book clubs, and meet new friends who love reading.

Woman in Gray Jacket Standing Near Brown Tree

- Bailey

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Solid Star

I'm hooked on Yoodle! They've got books I can actually write in, like journals, notebooks and coloring books. It's pure awesomeness!

Hispanic Student Asking Question in Class

- Eduardo

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Solid Star

OMG, Yoodle's annotation feature is a total game-changer! I can leave notes, share my thoughts, and see what other readers think .

Cheerful Cute Girl Standing

- Shiloh

Solid Star
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Solid Star
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Solid Star

I love how Yoodle's annotation feature lets me personalise my reading journey. I can annotate with my stylus, create bookmarks, and leave virtual notes.

Indian college boy with Holding bag

- Pratham

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I implemented Yoodle in our school's reading program and was astounded by the outcome. My students' enthusiasm for reading and interaction with books skyrocketed, it was the most engaged I've seen them in years. I can confidently assert that Yoodle played an instrumental role in nurturing their love for reading and fostering a deeper understanding of the content. The platform's ability to make books come alive truly made a difference in their learning experience.

Sofia Reyes

Secondary school English teacher

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How extensive is Yoodle's library, and what kind of books does it offer?

Yoodle offers a rich library that spans across various genres and age groups. From educational textbooks to literature, science, history, and children's books, Yoodle has a diverse range of options to cater to every reader's interest. This makes Yoodle an ideal platform for schools looking to provide a comprehensive and diverse reading list for their students.

How can Yoodle's book clubs enhance our students' reading experience?

Yoodle's book clubs provide a social, collaborative aspect to reading that can significantly enhance students' reading experience. They encourage students to discuss and share thoughts on books with peers. This interaction fosters a love for reading, boosts understanding, and develops critical thinking skills. It's a modern way to instill a reading culture within the school environment.

What kind of support does Yoodle provide for schools to ensure smooth integration?

Yoodle is committed to providing comprehensive support to schools for a seamless integration. We offer onboarding training for educators to familiarize them with the platform's functionalities and capabilities. Our customer support team is also available to resolve any issues and provide ongoing assistance, ensuring effective usage of Yoodle in your school.